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Rules & Regulations

The Cultural and co-curricular activities of the School are conducted in accordance with the educational method of Don Bosco and as per the requirement of TBSE. As in other Don Bosco Schools no association or union will be allowed or recognized.

Don Bosco School Is owned and run by the Catholic Religious Community. No disrespect should be shown to articles and images of religion and worship proper to that religious group. No other external form of religious worship will be allowed in the school premises.

No students shall directly or Indirectly take part In any political activity nor shall he/she indulge in any sort of activities prejudicial to the studies and the reputation of the school.

Any misbehaviour of a serious nature that brings discredit to the school is liable to bring about suspension or dismissal even if it took place outside the school premises.

The student will not be promoted to the next class if he/she gets six remarks or 3 warnings or 2 suspensions in an academic year in which are recorded in his/ her school diary.

Guardians and parents are requested to make proper arrangements to collect the children immediately after school hours. Though proper care will be taken to ensure the safety of the children the school cannot be held responsible if the student leave the school campus on his/her own accord. The school authority reserves the right to direct any student to withdraw from the school in case his/her conduct is found to be unsatisfactory and in that event he/she shall abide by such a direction.Students who leave the school, or are dismissed,are not normally readmitted.

Any act of indiscipline, insubordination, interference In the administration, disrespect to any teacher, religion or community will Invite Immediate disciplinary action indulging suspension and / or dismissal from the school.

Irregular attendance, habitual Idleness, disobedience, conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school etc. Justify dismissal at any time of the year.

Anyone contracting a contagious disease will be asked to stay away from school. He or she will be allowed back to school only on producing a medical certificate of good health.

Indulging in alcoholic drinks or drugs, smoking,chewing betel nut and eating tobacco any time or anywhere in the campus is strictly forbidden. The normal disciplinary course on discovery is suspension and/ or dismissal.

Stealing, forging signatures and tampering with mark sheets are serious offences that may result in suspension and/ or dismissal.

No disrespect is to be shown to religious articles of Students are to address their teachers and other staff members with respect. They are also expected to behave politely on their way to and from school.
All are to speak English when at school except during Hindi classes.

All personal books and belongings must be marked with the student's name, class, section, roll number and Admission Number. Each one is responsible for one's own belongings.
Parents/Guardians are not allowed to enter the staff room for any reason whatsoever.

Only with the permission of the Headmaster can any collection be made, or any meetings called in the school.

All are to take part, enthusiastically in all the school activities Indulging social work.

If a student fails at the end of the year, any concession that he/she benefits from, may be cancelled. In spite of the normal precaution taken by the school, if any untoward events like injury, accidents, kldnapping, and even death occur; the school shall not be held responsible.

Though the school is directly looked after by the Headmaster, there are the other members of the religious community who share the responsibility with him, namely, the Rector and the Administrator.

In all school matters, the decision of the Headmaster Is Final. However, In very grave matters, appeal against his decision can made to the Managing Committee or the Governing Body.

Guardians and parents are requested to make proper arrangements to collect the children immediately after school hours. Though proper care will be taken to ensure the safety of the children, the school cannot be responsible if the student leave the school campus on his own accord.

The school diary is a record concerning the student. Therefore, every student should take special care of the diary and bring it to the class daily. If one loses it, one should get a written authorization from the Headmaster to buy a duplicate with a fine of Rs. 50/.

Any damage done to the school property must be made good by those concerned. If not, the whole class shall share the expense. Wooden rulers are not allowed in the school.

No buying/selling of stamps, stickers, comic books, etc is allowed in the school. Such items as Supari. Chewing gum are strictly forbidden in the school and stern measures will be taken against offenders in this regard. Fancy items such as electronic gadgets (fancy watches, toys, digital diaries, cell phones,cameras, walkman, CDs, etc) are not permitted in the school. If they are recovered they may not be returned. Punk, stylish and fancy haircuts or hairstyles, use of gel and plucking of eye-brows are not permitted. Permission should be taken before shaving the head or crop cuts.

Tattooing on the body Is strictly prohibited. Plastic bags or wrapper are not allowed in the school premises. Students are not allowed to come to school by Motorbike/Scooter/car driving by themselves. They can be picked or dropped inn school by the Parents/ Guardians.

Students are required to treat teachers and all members of the staff, teaching and non-teaching, with respect and politeness. Arrogant and challenging behaviour towards teaching and non- teaching staff is forbidden. On their way to and from school, students must behave in a gentlemanly/ gentle womanly manner.

Every student from class three onwards has to take part in one of the following co-curricular activities: Yoga, Music, Dance, Literary club, Creativity club, Karate Club, Dramatic Club, Quiz club, Scouting, NCC. Sitar Guitar Athletic. Throw BalI, Eco club, Football Flute, table etc.

Some other activities and competitions that are organized in the school are; Sports & Games, Fine arts. Elocution. Speech, Singing, Recitation, Fancy Dress, Quiz, Drama, Spelling Bee, Debates, Story-telling, Concerts, Exhibition, Field trips, Excursions, Hikes and Picnics.

Every student must have a copy of the School Diary and it must be brought to school on every class- day, A student who does not have his/her school Diary will be Imposed a fine of Rs. 100/-. Losing a School Diary is a serious fault. Affine of Rs. 300/- is to be paid to get a new Diary, along with an application.

Every student must have possess an Identity card issued by the school. Falling to bring, Rs. 50/- will be fined. If a student loses his/her school ID a written application to issue a new school ID must be made to the Principal/Vice-Principal with a fine of Rs. 200/-.

Seized or confiscated articles will not be given back.In case the parents insist for the return of such confiscated articles It shall be granted to them provided they agree to withdraw the boy or the girl from the school. In such case T.C.. will be issued and a complete payment of the Fees for the whole year.