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Our Mission & Vision

The aim of DON BOSCO SCHOOL , Mandwi, is to guide our students into fully integrated and aware persons, endowed with intellectual, moral, emotional, aesthetic, physical and social skills enabling them to triumph over the challenges of our era.

The education imparted is characterized by superior quality,high principles and a freedom,enabling students to become responsible and response-able persons,self-reliant and wise decision makers.The pursuit of excellence according to each one's potential is of paramount importance.

Those who pass out of this school are to be men and women for others,seeing clearly,believing deeply,living nobly,acting justly,relating humanely,serving decisively,and walking uprightly in the presence of the Divine.The education they receive prepares them to enjoy the dual citizenship of their Motherland on earth and Fatherland in heaven.

Our ethos is Indian,our medium is English.

Aims at the all-round formation of the students.While catholic students are helped to understand,appreciate and live their faith.Every student receives training in habits of study,discipline,self reliance and moral values so as to become worthy citizens of our country.

The method of education followed is the "Preventive System" taught and practised by Don Bosco. This system is based on conviction,prevention of faults,correction,loving kindness and the fear of God.